A Regrettable Situation

From The Desk Of: Police Commissioner Aldwin Green. 

CO: Head of Sanitation Ciro Emptine.

This is a matter I would rather discuss in person or over the phone, however, seeing you apparent disregard at any attempt at meeting in person and the recent rash of phone taps in and around my office, I feel I must type my concern. First, let me put to rest my concern that the finding of any of the latest bodies found in your care have anything to do with you personally. Nor you faculty. We, as an office of the law, merely need to know and respond to the appearence of any corpses that may turn up beneath our streets. 

Your decision to keep said bodies in your vicinity and/or care is in strict violation of both city heath ordinances and police mandate. Actuary evidence will be reprimanded within 24 hours. If force, if necessary. 

(Side Note, To Be Stricken From Record) 

Let us talk candidly now, Ciro. I have long supported your dreams about bringing her back. I know what she meant to you, dear god, she was my mother too. But taking the remains that a serial killer has flushed down our own city’s toilets? You can’t be serious. Let this one go. I know better ways of procuring cadavers, and you know that. Why be so careless? 

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